don't trust anyone

today's not my day. i guess it has to be No Day today. hopefully tmr will be Yes Way.
eh. feel kinda crappy....just wanna disappear somewhere far and never come back.
feeling stupid. need to see more. need to explore...

daydreamed all day about traveling.
Phuket Island's the most relaxing place to go.
beautiful resorts, beaches, good food, scoopa diving, crystal clear water feeding tons of fishes.....
ahhhh. wanna go there again. so is other places. i wish i have money to travel soon.

spring: denim jacket
boyfrd shirt.

mmmm.... *

still really like x-girl's stuff....
ooo la la jacket

* * * *


i dont like so many things sometimes
im pretty sure im crazy and perhaps im just a bipolar polarbear.
my mom told me that too much ups and downs is cancerous.
i'll prolly have it someday.

who cares.

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