degree project.

The Little Night Monkeys Treehouse Party
biggest piece of the series....forgot exact size of it.
block print, woodcut, acryla gouache, chine colle

Snub Nosed Monkey Survival Chart
-cut paper

Snow monkey Carnival
-acryla gouache and watercolor on stonehenge.
this piece didn't get picked for the show....kinda expected, but the rest got in.

degree project show's up in Jan. more update about that soon.


drippin' neon and shet...

reviews over! here's some work from this fall semester....*ting*

still life+figure paintings done in Paul Olson's class

Arnold's burial
reduction print
Rob and I found this dead birdee outside of Tower building on october13th...really sad. I named him Arnold and we buried him near mfa....rest in peace Arnold. hope you'd like my print.
i got this in diff colors...but too lazy to upload them all at this point.

more to show........


busy coy

been so busy and not sleeping recently doing lot of work for my senior degree project....
i really should document all the work i been doing but has been putting it off till now.
i'll update all of them soon. i promised myself that i'll chain myself to the scanner until i get all my process work and finished pieces done this semester saved....mm.... yea right. but i'll try.

here's some self portraits i did for my painting class. we did a lot throughout the course. here are my favorite ones i suppose.okee so im making the book for my degree project. My theme is my primate wonderland. total 4 final pieces. work in progress. i'll update soon :}