sketch for new cut paper piece.....
its me+Rob+Skittle and Peeloo jones.....

print/original coming up soon! wishing everyone a buzzing delightful year...ahhhahhaha I'm so punny...........le sigh*


been so so busy trying to get my life together in the past months left this blog untouched. ughhh. never again, I promise I'll make a point to show more of my sketches and at least update on what i'm up to.....My mind's been really active with tons of planning and brainstorming with what I wanna do/need to do.... working so much didn't have much time to make art....which is totally an excuse to be lazy. 

* * *

Luckily, Tak Toyoshima contacted me the past Sept about a curated show of his in Allston. The theme was Death to Childhood...which is adding a weird/messed up twist to your childhood memories and what not. It was a wonderful opportunity to put in some work. 

I managed to crank up 2 pieces(pulled couple all nighters because I have to work in the daytime....with the combination of that and the fact that I had sinus infection+terrible earache back then didn't make it easy) But it did remind me of the good memories of staying up late with no sleep when I was in school....rushing reviews.....so that totally made me enjoyed it. Nothing better than staying up all night and getting really cray(crazy) from too much caffeine........it was a good time. I gotta document better quality of the new pieces I did for the show...will photograph them at the lab soon and post up here. stay tuned! here's a photo booth version of them for now :3   enjoy~

sorry for the poor quality.....much better pictures coming soon!

“Fry Baby, Puff-tato”
-$ 300
  I used to goof off with my brother whenever we were eating fries. We would dip a fry in ketchup and hold it like we were smoking a cigarette. Our parents usually give us hard time yelling at us for that since smoking is bad for us. I enjoy putting foodie in my piece! And from my childhood memories with fries, it also inspired me to bring in another banned food (kind of), bacon. Well, bacon was not really welcomed in our diet because it was “cancerous” blah blah…. So here it is! A piece of me being rebellious smoking a fry, with a potato lung and bacon ribcage!

* * *

“ Ghost hunting”
This piece is inspired by alma mater, Maryknoll Convent School. I grew up hearing all these ghost stories and weird things I’ve seen when I was little at this school. The school was closed down during WWII and there were rumors that the Japanese army used the closed school as a hospital. There was also the famous “ghost tree” where there was a nun hung herself once upon a time. So this is a piece inspired by the school and my boyfriend, Rob, where we went back in time to the school ghost hunting!


back to whatever.....I've been sketching on my firetruck red moleskine in the past weeks.....here's some baby sketches.... scanned up some of them.....will continue trucking indeed~

Spidehmun knitting....

self portrait of my new haircut (old now i guess...)with Neocolor II.....those crayons are soooo fun to work with. its addicting....

Kritstoh Catopus

cut paper with styrene.  

expect me to update more and more often. thanks for reading!

ting* :3