im liking summer so far

wanted it too bad. oh foodie foodie!
* * *




zombie hands

color looks a little off.
that's the book cover of my tree book.
title: dreaming of trees

* * *

so screwed. so worried about reviews....all my assignments look so unfinished and crappy. hopefully i'll crank up more sketchbook stuff and paintings. after thurs shet class stuff. ahhhh. shet.

so much complaints cranky jones


i hate my art

so hard. argh.



i don't like anything anymore.


i miss sleep btw.
and summer.
and swimming
and and and


The Aboretummies

stuff for my word and image class. we have to go to the Aboretum at jp and pick three trees that we like+illustrate it( or make your own description/personal experience in this trip). i have this idea that there's tiny little creatures, the Aboretummies...and here's my spreads for the book. yuuuuhppp.

hope you'll like it*
here's the cover... freshly painted.
still have to put type on it. gonna be titled: Dreaming About Trees
story's pretty much a cat's dream. inspired by my cat, Skittle. I'm always curious what's in a cat's mind....

now let's pray that the printers at the labs wont screw up the colors when i try to print them. sigh*

* * *
24 hours access at the studio.... slowly juicing my energy and life away.
summer summer please come soon.