The Weekly Dig!

Hi all! been gone for awhile! Sorry I've been so busy, but things are starting to slow down....its time to finally upload more work and keep you all posted! I got featured on the Boston Weekly Dig for the week! Thanks Tak and the Dig!!

Lately, I've been taking a break, looking for inspirations and also to refresh my ideas.....I'll be working on different mediums to experiment. I'll show you all soon!

thanks for reading! hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween by the way! you better have carved a lot of good pumpkins!


Supersonic Electronic!!!

hi all! my art is on supersonic electronic! thanks, zach for the wonderful opportunity!


ahoy! ooooleeeee im back!

website's up and so much updates! finally back on track with everything!

portfolio night went really well....didnt update for so long but check out my website. cranked up all the portfolio pieces all during 24 hours hyper art making weeks. hope it's paying off.

I'll keep updating art and what im up to, count everything happy and goodish to you all and keep you posted. tell you things about my cat, Skittle(aka the Gut King). so yea. its great right.

I have pictures from Portfolio Show at Massart and our Cute Show so i'll post them soon as well!
i have all the time and i'll do things things things!

kittens and smiles,


i can do itt!

so the past couple week involved with tons of stress eating and art/portfolio related nightmares. all nighter today. so far so good. oh hello 6am. i better finish this! Spend the previous night organizing+documenting new pieces I've done in the past weeks. Sorry it's been awhile since i updated any art pieces, been arting nonstop for the coming Illustration Open House/Portfolio Night. Now that I've got the pieces all nicely photographed and printed(getting my shet together), cant wait to upload them and show it to you all soon! bear with me my little hootnuts! i'll put them all on my website and blog soon!

all nighter. thanks redbull* alrighty. enough of this hyper caffeinated post! continue arting then to the studio for more portfolio shooting and editing!

update soon<3


Happy Birthday NANCY!

cut paper of baby Molly pup!


Cute Show

cute show was a great success!! pictures up soon i promise!
it's been really crazy busy lately. so much to work on right after the Cute Show....been really worried about all kinds of stuff super stressed out and exhausted.

did a lot of new pieces still gonna shoot pictures of it. i'll update really really soon!
meanwhile, check out my new website!

no sleep tonight !!! keep arting keep arting!

* * *

Victo Ngai checking out our CUTE SHOW before opening!! :}


new cut cut thingy: sneakpeek!

work in progress........la la la la la. so so so much to do this coming week(s). go go go!

* * * the mumbercycle* * *

to be continued...


Cavity tunnel book

tunnel book



made flyer for the cute show weeeeee!!!! so excited!



sending my mailers and business card orders to print today. oy oy so excited.
here are the pieces. you like?
✿ ✿ ✿

" The Waffle Jail" from the Cavity Series

☃ ☃ ☃


☃ ☃ ☃

" The Scarfing Artist"

☃ ☃ ☃


Puppyteeth zine

pretty pretty a pretty fun to do comics.

stay tuned i'll try to do more from now on :}



made these cut out for them. ooo laaa leecheee i made fan art :3 *ting*

weeeeeeeeeeeee its great. hello


almost donnne! cut cut cut!

cut cut cut. still in progress! did some baby woodcut for the background.
rolled ink on wood for the final background! still working on the catbirds. still tuned!

and of course my waffle jail with pocky sticks bars for another piece!(i'll explain the idea later.shhh.. still a secret for now) planning to get both done tonight. yup yup yuppies!

this coming week is gonna be rough with couple submission deadline and a paper due. no big deal i can do it :D
p.s. discovered my new substitute with candy lately..... its..........PRUMPKIN SHEEDss :3 and sunflower sheeds!


ate good waffles. chiseled my bangs. made some art. good day.

| the best thing ever |

new squirrelly ring from rob my valoontine. still gotta name this new little guy.
la la la la doo doo doot. ting* i like it



"the scarving artist"
acrylic on wood panel

✿ ✿ ✿

♡ ♡ ♡

new piece for valoontines day!

submitting this for the "luv ya" show at all asia together with some of my old work!

its gonna be hanging tnt and tmr!

oooooooo! btw Degree project show is still up till 2/19!!! its at the Fourth Wall Gallery.
the opening was the past Saturday. It went surprisingly well! pictures up on facebook. might upload some here later. so much work to do! gotta keep painting and sketching :3
feel free to follow me on fb or i'll keep you posted up here too!

❤ ❤ ❤



woodblock print

* * *

Spring Shower

Spring Shower
* * *
samurai and geisha on a peony flower

R.I.P. Arnold

Arnold's burial
reduction woodblock print
* * *
we found this dead bird near evans way the past fall....so sad. this is a piece about the burial of Arnold we had for him. rest in peace, Arnold. you're a great guy.

Skittle Vs Ultraman

Skittle Vs Ultraman

had this idea of having my cat fighting ultraman....she's a little monster<3