so much dreams lately.

nightmares. rain. errands.
its weird that cats can sense ur emotions.
skittle i really love you.
been lazy with posting lately....


i won't take shit from drama queen. esp. gross ones.

alright? okay.
* * *
did sketches for my alphabet book. theme for mine is gross angry ugly babies.
only have to do one spread for final.

update the final one later.

wowowork in progress.

im so sick of listening cuz nobody would listen to me.
dont expect me to listen to you



amazing. love it


an unproductive day

is better than stressed out and making poopy art.

i want more peppermint stick ice cream with fruity pebbles.
katie's kitty Terminator was lost this morning but he came back!!

life is good again :}


i miss all the little things....

too nice out to be working indoors

still cool. still cool.

so is the selfridges in birmingham.


don't trust anyone

today's not my day. i guess it has to be No Day today. hopefully tmr will be Yes Way.
eh. feel kinda crappy....just wanna disappear somewhere far and never come back.
feeling stupid. need to see more. need to explore...

daydreamed all day about traveling.
Phuket Island's the most relaxing place to go.
beautiful resorts, beaches, good food, scoopa diving, crystal clear water feeding tons of fishes.....
ahhhh. wanna go there again. so is other places. i wish i have money to travel soon.

spring: denim jacket
boyfrd shirt.

mmmm.... *

still really like x-girl's stuff....
ooo la la jacket

* * * *


i dont like so many things sometimes
im pretty sure im crazy and perhaps im just a bipolar polarbear.
my mom told me that too much ups and downs is cancerous.
i'll prolly have it someday.

who cares.


the games you play

one day i'll be a millionaire.
i'll get good foodie everyday sharing it with my friends. i'll buy alot of art books and stuff stuff stuff. get a corgi and make skittle a kitten carrier robot buddy to bring skittle around. sushi. ice cream. candy. deserts. lalalalallalalallaallala


so tired after work. failed to get groceries and homework.....ahhh. hellllo 430am.

good night skittle. time to sleep.

wax tailor



neat. really like it.




my cucumber's back ! :3
just got these in the mail today!

* * *

kinda old.

vogue hommes japan 08 : ash stymest



may i please have a delicious cannoli ?

laziest day ever.

i love it.

pretty caught up with sleep. next step is art making. <3

oy. foodie time. doi doi

Mad World

listening to Air.
542am munchies.
good break.
great job spring break.


JUST STOP. its too much.

too much art and things made with the theme, alice in wonderland.....ick. and now the movie.
i used to love the story but just like stupid radio crappy music being overplayed.

too much on the same thing makes me wanna puke.
find something else unique to do and leave that story alone please.

nick knight

woke up at 4pm today...
60 deg out.
solo adventure
food hunt.
skypey with my froggy
more napping with my orange tabby

* * *

kurt kuksi. too good.

leather suspenders. mmmm.
skypey <3

oh money money money money

Vince Camuto Banjo
rewarded myself with these.
pomegrante and teddy brown.

mine in a week!
marsha dress.
so much more from the spring collection.

can't wait can't wait.


on wood.

ink and graphite